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Welcome to The Allure Trading Group

The Allure Trading Group imports skincare brand that are already well-known in Europe and the UK. We make all our more than 100 products available to the Australian market at competitive prices. Allure is the exclusive Australian importer of Revuele, Skin Academy , The Foot Factory and more.

Our brands cover areas such as skincare, nail polish, personal care products, feminine hygiene, baby care, detox and slimming and hair care.



For example: Revuele (made in Europe) products have been designed to the highest of standards with great packaging and are extremely affordable. All Revuele  products have an RRP at $35 or less and the most expensive at that price are for gift sets. So why wouldn’t you try them? Find them in the skincare aisle.

Within the Revuele brand are many ranges such as Bioactive Skincare with 3 options of Peptides and Retinol, Collagen and Elastin, and 3D Hyaluron + antioxidants. Each of these 3 ranges contains a day cream, night cream, eye cream, micellar cleanser, face serum and mask, with an RRP $13-$16. See them on our Products page.

Other Revuele best-selling ranges include Age Revive, Argan Oil, MezoDerm, and Hydralift Hyaluron. Each of these ranges has a beautifully boxed eye cream, day cream, night cream, hand and nail cream, a bottle of body lotion, and micellar cleanser. The prices range from $9 up to $19. The fragrance and luxurious feel of these products will have you coming back for more. Besides what we have already mentioned, Revuele has so many other products that you will love. Contact Us  for more details.

Skin Academy 


Skin Academy – get a 1st class degree skincare! The high-quality boxed products include gel eye patches, facial sheet masks, facial and body wax strips, nose pore strips, hand and foot treatments, a plumping lip mask and more. Many are based on natural ingredients such as cucumber, tea tree oil, charcoal, aloe vera, honey, almond, and argan oil, which will do wonders for your skin. Try them and see the difference. Look in the skincare section at your local store.

The Foot Factory


The Foot Factory is another great skincare range particularly targeting your feet. We should love our feet more than we do, because we are on them so much. Try out the gel shoe inserts and notice how much better your feet feel. Have a pedi-party and feel the difference after you have used the 4-in-1 pedicure tool and mint or very berry foot soak, scrub and lotion. The heel balm will keep your heels smooth and soft and the mint gel and spritz will refresh tired and sore legs. Check out your local chemist or supermarket to buy Foot Factory today.

Other brands that Allure imports include The Pretty Brand, Under Where?, Cherubs and MuckyPups – a fun infants range, Pretty Fresh, Pretty Smooth, and Quest Personal Care

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